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Transforming your old kitchen into a brand new space

Our custom kitchen design service involves working with you closely to truly understand what you are looking for in a kitchen. Your needs, wants, lifestyle and budget are all taken into consideration when developing your design.

By redesigning your kitchen, we will create a layout that will efficiently maximize storage and work space with your daily use in mind. Most importantly, we will design a kitchen you can truly call your own.

Dated wood finish conflicts with counter top

Awkward cabinet placement restricts storage space

Limited counter space 

Out of date laminate color and style

Before 1
Before 2
Before 3
Before 4

3 cups


Sleek natural granite provides a fresh new look while more than doubling precious work space 

Modern two-toned design creates eye catching contrast while doubling storage space

Glass cabinets create elegant display space

After 1
After 2
After 3
After 4
After 5

For this project we were able to completely redesign the cabinet and counter top layout. This allowed us to add a large, striking island, creating a major focal point and more than doubling precious work space.


Redesigning the cabinet layout allowed us to reclaim unused wall space, maximizing the amount of cabinet storage available. 

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