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Product Overview

Cabinet Doors

Your cabinet doors will be the star of your new kitchen. Our design experts will help guide you through our large selection of colors and styles. Visit our Door Collections page to view colors and styles available for each collection.


Prestige Collection

We have taken decorative styling to the next level. If life is in the details then take a close look at our Prestige Collection. The five piece construction creates the same natural highlights and shadows found on a wood door. The tight mitres and grain direction lead one to believe it's the real McCoy. Another great product solution from Futuric Kitchens!


Woodgrain Collection

The Wood Collection is our most luxurious line of doors and accessories giving you the rich depth and feel that only a real wood door can give. Available in many stains, styles and wood species.


3D Laminate Collection

The 3DL Collection has the largest selection allowing you to combine a full spectrum of colours and styles to fit your ideal dream kitchen.


Urban Collection

The Urban Collection is an elegant design with a deep texture matched to the grain that creates a bold distinct high modern look.

Custom Counter-tops

Expand precious work space as you choose from our large selection of granite, quartz and laminate options.



Laminate counter tops are typically the least expensive option making it the perfect material for those on a tighter budget. While not as durable as stone options yet durable enough to withstand everyday use. Laminate offers the largest selection of colors and styles.

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Granite is a natural stone product with a striking beauty unlike any other material. Choose from our large selection of natural shades and watch as your counter top becomes the centerpiece of your kitchen. Granite is resistant to heat, scratches and most normal wear and tear which makes it extremely easy to maintain.



Quartz is a manufactured stone product allowing for a much larger selection of colours. The finished product has a rich, luxurious appearance. Like granite, quartz is non-porous making it stain resistant, easy to clean and resistant to bacteria. Quartz does not stand up to heat like granite so be mindful where you place your hot pots and pans!

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